Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Vision

The vision for the future of St. Lucia’s biological diversity includes the following elements:

  • the status of biological resources is known, the people of St. Lucia and visitors to the island are all aware of the value and importance of these resources, and respect for biodiversity is integrated within the nation’s culture;
  • governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, the private sector and communities are conscious, active and responsible participants in the management of
  • biodiversity, and the concerns for the management of biodiversity are taken into account within policy-making processes at all levels;
  • the integrity of the country’s biological diversity is maintained and, whenever possible, restored;
  • biodiversity contributes optimally, through sustainable uses, to the social, economic and cultural development of the country, and to the physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being of all its people;
  • national, regional and international efforts aimed at conserving biological diversity are consistent, mutually-supportive, and effective.
Biodiversity Unit of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy,
Science and Technology | Choc, Castries, Saint Lucia
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