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St. Lucia Floral Co-operative Society Ltd.

The enriched colourful blooms of the Anthurium Lily, Ginger Lily and Heliconia grown in St. Lucia are long lasting “high impact” flowers that adds a special burst of colour to enhance any floral arrangement, corsage or gift basket.  Their year-round availability allows for the enjoyment of their beauty at any time for any occasion.

Anthurium Lily (Anthurium andraeanum)

The Caribbean Pink’ Anthurium is a specialty tropical bloom of St. Lucia. This heart-shaped bloom consists of a pastel pink to cream coloured spadix and a rich gloss pink, smooth spathe.  The Caribbean Pink anthurium has a long shelf life which makes it excellent  for corsages, floral arrangements and gift baskets or any arrangement.

Ginger Lily (Alpinia purpurata)

Varieties - Pink and Red Ginger
The unique conical shape of the ginger lily makes it quite versatile in floral displays. The small blooms of the ginger lily may be used as fillers in mixed floral arrangements while the large blooms can be used as spotlight in tropical displays.  Whatever the use, the pastel pink and hot red blooms are an excellent addition to may occasion.

Heliconia sp.

Varieties - Golden Torch;  Red Golden Torch
These produce beautifully sculptured blooms. It adds a tropical touch to any floral display.  Their shape gives the appearance of leaping tropical flames in colours of yellow and orange.  ‘The Golden Torch’ Heliconia is a rich yellow to gold colour while the ‘Red Golden Torch’ is a bi-coloured bloom of orange and yellow gold.  
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