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Saint Lucia's Endemic Plants

Acalypha elizabethiae

Quite rare shrub of leeward steep slopes in semi-open and shady semi-evergreen seasonal forest, semi-open river valleys at lower elevations and, rarely, on exposed slopes in montane tropical rainforest.

Bernardia laurentii

Shrub of open, rocky, dry summit of Petit Piton. Quite common in a tiny area. Not observed elsewhere. Because of its small total population it is, and always has been, under threat of extinction (unless new populations are established).

Bwa mang. Palitivyé wouj

Chrysochlamys caribaea

Quite common tree of lower montane, montane and cloud montane rainforest. It is vegetatively very similar to Tovomita plumieri. The sap of this species is almost white, while the sap of Tovomita plumieri is bright yellow. The two species are often found growing together. In general, however, this species is more common in steep ravines, while T. plumieri is more common in exposed positions.

Gonolobus iyanolensis

Vine of semi-open semi-evergreen seasonal forest and forest landslides. Permanently established apparently only in the Pitons area. Adventive elsewhere. Gonolobus martinicensis Decaisne has been divided recently into several species. Our taxon is now considered a single island endemic.

Lobelia santa-luciae

Quite common shrub of elfin shrublands in the Mount Gimie/Piton Troumassé range.

Bwa senn

Miconia Luciana
Common shrub/small tree of lower montane forest and the forest edge, and roadsides close to the forest.

Miconia secunda

Quite rare tree of the understory of lower montane and montane rainforest.

For more information on local plants please visit Plants of Saint Lucia.

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