Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Biodiversity is a shortened form for biological diversity and refers to all the variety of living organisms found on planet earth, their ecosystems and the products derived from them. Examples of biodiversity in St. Lucia include fungi, molds, moss, trees, humans, cows, sheep, dogs, cats, snakes, birds, lizards, opossum, seashore, forest, ocean, rivers, wetlands, baskets, boats, food and furniture.

St. Lucia’s biodiversity is the foundation of life. The biological diversity of the island is all interwoven in a giant web of life on the island. Each aspect contributes to the maintenance of life in one way or the other. From the natural resources of the island are the main elements needed for social, physical and economic development of the country. “Biodiversity-the path to prosperity! It’s all connected!”

Biodiversity Unit of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy,
Science and Technology | Choc, Castries, Saint Lucia
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